What is a website audit? I usually call it an SEO audit because whether you want to improve your website user experience or its technical performance, like page load speed, your search engine optimization (SEO) will be improved. A website audit will identify what is keeping your website from reaching the first page on Google. At First Page Solutions getting to first page is not enough, we rate success on getting phone calls as well as excellent search engine positioning.

A website audit or SEO audit should not be acquisitioned until basic website fundamentals are in place. The first of which is website structure. Website structure will allow for a better user experience, automated internal linking and a low bounce rate to name a few benefits. SEO can only be considered as “on track” if your website users are staying on the page and not leaving or bouncing off right away. If your website structure is not a typical design your website user will be confused. On many websites with a less than perfect site structure, the user will not be exactly sure of what the primary services and products are and in some cases they will not know where the company is located or how to find the phone number!

What is the hallmark of a solid website structure and architecture? Breadcrumbs that match the URLs! When the breadcrumbs or links at the top of a webpages content have phrases that match the webpage address or URL, such as this one, then you know that internal linking can be automated and proper keyword phrases will become anchor text.

OK, I am getting a bit technical there so just call me and I will show you how your website can easily have SEO fundamentals built in automatically so that when the time is right and you should get an SEO Audit, the SEO expert will be able to provide useful and actionable steps to take for better Google ranking instead of wasting your time on how to achieve a better website user experience and other basics required for internet marketing!