I was wondering about “Web 3.0” details and looked it up. Essentially, First Page Solutions already fully supports Web 3.0.

To make this clear and simple, let’s take a small history lesson:

Web 1.0:

  • Standard sizes, visible only on desktops and laptops
  • walls of text (plain language, like a text book or a university paper)
  • Special programs to “enhance” design (flash, Visual Basic scripting)
  • Basic effects (click to change the page, click to change wording on a page)

Web 2.0:

  • Dynamic sizing, introduction to HTML 5
  • Allows for more devices like iPhone, cell phones, tablets and Personal Data Assistants
  • Introduction but, didn’t utilize CSS 3
  • Improved Search Engine specifications and search abilities
  • Internet allowing Web 1.0 and 2.0 to co-exist
  • Special effects introduced using CSS 3, Javascript and HTML 5. Adobe Flash is going extinct

What FPS Does:

  • Accessibility (Allowing for special software to communicate the Internet)
  • Search Engine Optimization (Allowing search engines to quickly find and understand information)
  • Micro Data and Siloing websites to ensure that the data is organized and manageable.
  • Fulfilling design (Understanding modern design and allowing any age group to understand the site in basic ways)
  • Finding, understanding and utilizing new technology (Content Delivery Network, Hosting sites, Let’s Encrypt, …)
  • Developing Digital Marketing as a service instead of a product, allowing for ROI calculations vs. “Just throwing something together”

Web 3.0:

  • Accessibility: Providing more and more devices and software access to the Internet
  • The connected Internet. Using specific abilities like central databases, Content Delivery Networks (CDN), simple and quick access to anything and everything
  • Improving Search Engines and unique software (Artificial Intelligence): This is using Micro data and other means of organizing data
  • 3D graphics: This is using more then shadow 2D graphics, this allows for more motion and movement throughout the Internet and websites as a faster and more unique way of “surfing”
  • “Connectivity”, This is more then just directory websites, it also includes when companies “support” each other by providing links. For instance, Heart and Sol Tours links to each of the wine industries and the wine industries link to them.
    • Then linking from the wine industries to their respectful farms, providers, suppliers and will continue linking further and further. This doesn’t just mean anchor links, just the name of the company would be enough.

Source: http://www.expertsystem.com/web-3-0/

All this crazy information showing that we’re actually already Web 3.0 and that we support Google in going into the company and taking a virtual tour imagery. We also ensure that accessibility is important.

So. In conclusion, if a company needs WEB 3.0,  First Page Solutions provides it with each website we design and build, we focus on supporting the latest and greatest Internet.

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