The Google Algorithm and SEO

“Google Algorithm is always changing so you need to keep abreast of its changes.” said an SEO professional to a prospect. A customer of mine asked, “What do I need to fix on my website to rank well? Kelowna Search Engine Optimization companies I spoke to recently, talk about the Google algorithm like it is top secret and no one can break the code. I just need someone to tell me what to do!”

If you have felt lost or frustrated when it comes to getting helpful answers on how to rank your website well on Google, read on. This post will reveal the answer to the ‘secret’, in one word. First lets review exactly what it is.

Algorithm (
a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer.

Google’s algorithm is a system that allows Google to rank web pages for their directory at Google was founded in the late 90’s but quickly became popular around 2002. The important item to note is how the system was founded because even though Google’s algorithm changes daily, the primary foundation is the same. In his book “The Search: How Google and Its Rivals Rewrote the Rules of Business and Transformed our Culture” John Battelle states, “Finally, while there’s no academic term for it, academic publishing is driven by the concept of rank. Papers are judged not only on their original thinking and the rigor of their citations, but also by the number of papers they cite, the number of papers that subsequently citem them back, and the perceived importance of each citation.”

While the foundation is still the same, the algorithm has become dramatically changed.
For those who want to explore in detail, a history of the major algorithm changes can be seen at SEO Book. An understanding of the Google Algorithm changes can help in determining what to change on your own website.


If you do not want to become an expert on what makes the algorithm work but need a bit of direction to frame your SEO activity, remember this one word and then do it, WRITE. Having said that I have to add one more, one word instruction, VIDEO. If you can provide one or both of these two forms of content, you can rank on the first page.

Now there are many readers who will ask, “Why are you discussing writing and video when you just said we need to build citations and backlinks?”. The answer is that if you can provide content, then your website can be optimized so it will begin to rank. After unique, engaging content is published, some backlinks may come because bloggers and other writers will find your website and if you begin a backlink campaign by contacting bloggers, you will have content that they can reference and create a link to.

In closing, yes, Google Algorithm is always changing. Don’t try and keep up with it. If you create engaging content that your website users value and share, or if you provide solutions to real problems, like how to rank on the first page of Google, then, you do not actually have to worry about every algorithm update. Create a strong digital marketing presence with a foundation built on quality content.