SEO for lawyers is what I typically classify as ‘local SEO’. Lawyers who are partners in a firm can help their local law firm’s SEO and their individual online recognition with an individual Google My Business profile.

Google states:

Multiple practitioners at one location
If the practitioner is one of several public-facing practitioners at this location:

The organization should create a listing for this location, separate from that of the practitioner.
The title of the listing for the practitioner should include only the name of the practitioner, and shouldn’t include the name of the organization.
Solo practitioners that belong to branded organizations
If a practitioner is the only public-facing practitioner at a location and represents a branded organization, it’s best for the practitioner to share a listing with the organization. Create a single listing, named using the following format: [brand/company]: [practitioner name].

Acceptable: “Allstate: Joe Miller” (if Joe is the sole public-facing practitioner at this Allstate-branded location)