How to Write Post Titles


Excellent post or page titles are optimized for CTR, include effective keywords, have optimized URL’s and are 55 characters or less.

  • Factor #1: When writing post titles, understand the main idea clearly and write a title so people will click on it. Your blog post click-through rate (CTR) is the ratio of clicks from people searching and clicking your blog post link in search engines to the number of total searches who simply saw your link. A post with a title that does not fit in search engine results properly, or one that is so long people will not be drawn into it, may not acquire maximum traffic.
  • Factor #2: The second consideration for an effective blog title is the keyword. Does the title have a keyword that matches the main idea of the content. If not, what related keyword can be inserted in a natural way? For example, if the blog post will be in a category of ‘Business Law’ and is about Purchasing Key Person Insurance with the help of a lawyer, how can the keyword Business Law or Business Lawyer fit into the title but yet still be natural to read? It is not easy to write effective post titles but post titles are key to acquiring new prospects. For the above example, one might consider a title such as, 

Can a business lawyer help when purchasing Key Person Insurance?


Key Person Insurance: 3 ways a business lawyer can save you money!

  • Factor #3: Consider the difference between the post title and the permalink of the post. While the Title is the primary visual cue for your content that a website visitor will see on your website, the URL itself is based on your title and is important to search engines. In WordPress, the permalink is the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) and is commonly known as the webpage address. The URL or permalink includes the primary website address and possibly the category or tag taxonomy and finally your post title.
    I edit permalinks when writing posts so keywords are not duplicated in the URL. This step may sound complicated but once you try it, you will love the look of the beautiful URL’s you are creating. …and so will Google! To adjust the permalink or URL in a new WordPress post, first ensure you have the correct category. Click edit beside the permalink at the beginning of your new post. 
  • Factor #4 Make page or post titles 55 characters or less. 55 characters show nicely in sidebar widgets of your website, on other websites such as Google and in ‘title tags’ that pop up when I mouse over web browser tabs. 55 character limits the number of words I use in titles which will ensure I choose precise words that match my content and help me focus on the subject at hand.

Once I have acquired a new website visitor with my optimized and alluring post title, I will want to ensure the visitor stays on my website and do not hit the back button…but that is another topic for a new SEO tip.