I often get asked how to rank by people in person at Chamber meetings etc or from email inquiries from the website. Here is what I tell them:

Thank you for contacting First Page Solutions!

While a custom website created for you would be beneficial, you have most of the elements that would be helpful to get you ranked. The one area that would be really helpful is another website has to link to your website. When that happens, Search Engine spiders will ‘crawl’ your website. Basically, you need to use every single option available to put a link to your website.
Use of a physical business address in directories like yellow pages but more importantly – in Google My Business. In Google My Business you need a physical address but if you do not want the address to be public, the system offers a settings option of – deliver to customers – as opposed to – customers come to my location. If you select the first option correctly then your address would stay private but you would still have the possibility of seeing your listing in the Google My Business listings which are the listings below the map when you see when you search for local business services and products.

The other listings on the first page of Google can be obtained but you need to make sure your content is unique. If your services page has information copied from other websites, it would be considered as duplicate content. If it is unique, keep working on getting more links to your website.
So, To be able to rank you need to have a Google My Business listing and it would be helpful to have a physical address. You need unique content, start a blog if possible. Finally continue to get more links to your site. Trading links is nice but getting links to you without giving one back is more important.

For me to do the above for you is quite expensive. $2000 would be a good start but there are no guarantees. The nice thing is that the work we do, once completed is forever (as long as you are in business) and you just continue to add more and more on top of the work completed. There is a faster way to rank.

Your best option to get on the first page of Google right now is to use Google AdWords. Those are the paid ads. If you create the ads yourself and you would want to spend at least $300 during the first month. The good news is that if you are beginning a new account, Google will soon offer you $100 worth of free ads! When beginning AdWords, you have the option of putting ads on Google that people will see when they are looking for your product and to put the ads on other websites that people will see as they are viewing those other websites. As you can deduce, it would be best to advertise to people who are actually searching for the keywords that describe your business so it is cost effective to only advertise on Google search engine rather than using the display ads on other websites.

Many people say they never click those ads at the top of the page. The fact is many businesses will die if they did not use Google AdWords. Having said that, Facebook has quickly risen to become a major player in paid ads. Facebook can be very effective. First page can have a Facebook account set up for you along with a Facebook business page if you do not have one yet or about $200. The actual amount spent on ads during the first month can be anywhere from $200 and up. For a solid test, expect to use at least $400 and then figure out if you want to spend more or less after you see the first months results.