Kelowna Website Workshops are here! We are now offering website workshops the third Wednesday of every month. Enjoy personalized website training and SEO advice with one of our programmers and SEO experts. Come prepared to see your website the way Google sees it and improve areas in which will help with both your website design, structure and SEO rankings. At your Kelowna website design workshop you will help you accomplish your website goals by considering all the steps required and making priorities to accomplish your objectives.

Whatever you can dream of for your website, can be accomplished. You may not be able to get all the answers in one website workshop but we can certainly get you closer to realizing a plan of action.

If you are interested in attending our workshop, use our contact page and contact us soon. Do you own a Kelowna Business? Feel free to call us anytime for general advice with your online marketing.
236 – 420 – 3222

Workshops are the third Wednesday of every month.

We hope to see you here.