Greetings from the Designer.

While it is important to focus on even the smaller details on a site, making sure that every task is done is just as important when developing a website if not more. You may not believe it but it is common for websites to be ‘”half-developed” or not entirely finished. The other day I was looking through local websites and found one with areas which still required some work. I am speaking of their about us / meet the team page. You can look at their site and see that under the team section the images of the company’s employees were not their profile image but the “add image” default which was not even updated.

As a web developer I find this really strange. For other web programmers to leave sites like this half finished is not correct in any way. When somebody looks at a website and sees pages like this they think “Their website is not good, I’m going to assume that what they sell is not good either”. As a web developer it is crucial to have everything in order. If something is not completely finished yet, it should not be published for the world to see. To publish a website says you are happy with your work. Clearly this is what the web programmer of this site thought he was proud of: A half finished website with information missing and / or incorrect.

While missing little details on a webpage can be an issue, it is becoming a bigger issue with larger and more obvious mistakes being published online for consumers to view. At the end of the day you cannot just focus on one area or detail on the site but everything has to be looked at.