Happy Holidays from The Designer.

We are getting close to finishing our website with just a couple more pages and minor tweaks which need to be done. I am currently working with our SEO Rates page, trying to develop the structure, layout and design of it before the week’s end.

When it comes to developing a web page, it is always about the little details. For instant, when writing up content, I try to check and see if everything is laid out properly i.e. Are the boxes in the row aligned correctly? Does the content work with the layout of all areas of the form?
For me, having 5 boxes of information, with one box slightly taller than the rest does not cut it for me. For me, having everything looking neat, clean and properly formatted is very important. It is those little details that have a customer view the page and go “Wow, this page looks very nice. It is properly structured and designed really well”.

Little details also include such things like “Does the text blend into the background too much, making it hard to read?”. When thinking of those details, it is from a different perspective. Let’s say that a customer comes across the Home page, and they find some text which is hard to read. What would be their first thought?

The answer: “I can’t read that”. It is a simple answer but an important one. It is those kinds of details which affect customers and how they view us.

The best way to look for such details? Think of yourself as a General User. Put yourself in the user’s shoes when going through the website. Ask yourself questions like: How do I approach this page? Do I like this page? Do I want to view this page? Do I see anything that doesn’t look right? Is there something i can’t read clearly? What is this website about? What are they selling? etc.

It may sound somewhat different to think of yourselves as a typical user browsing a website, but you are designing a website specifically FOR THE USER and nobody else. The user is your audience, they are the ones you are designing for.