Review the 10 SEO tasks in this post and ensure your SEO expert has “got your back” by including them in your campaign. The items below are easy to miss when all your online marketing focus is on specific areas of concern such as Technical SEO or Content Marketing. While the items below are in no way a complete list, every First Page Solutions customer usually has several of the items below vacant in their online marketing campaign.

SEO is the process of creating a quality website structure with unique content and following up with, detail oriented,  online branding. Often, when a quality website replaces an unfinished website or when website maintenance enhances usability and technical issues, search engine rankings for the website pagesa are positively affected.
***Note: If you review the list below and find some of the items have not been implemented within your website design, regardless of who your SEO agency is, if your company does not budget for all the following items to be included in your SEO campaign, you cannot expect to have all the items completed by your chosen SEO agency.

  1. Canonicalization.
    What is canonicalization and how does it affect your website SEO?

    A simple infographic demonstrating canonicalisation

    Tell Search Engines where to go!

    Canonicalization can easily be set up by webmasters to help search engines  know what version of a website is the official version of your website. For example,  several versions of your business URL may be used by your customers to get to your website home. These versions include typing your URL with HTTPS at the beginning for secure websites, typing http for non secured sites, including the triple W within the URL and finally typing the URL without www.  There are several ways to tell search engines which URL’s should be forwarded to the official website. If you own a website and you want to see canonicalization in action and test to ensure all versions of your URL are working properly, type all versions of your website into the address bar of any web browser and watch what happens to the URL as the page is redirected or loaded.

    The following image taken after a recent visit to in January 2016 shows that even authoritative websites with talented web programmers can still have Canonical errors after website updates. I took a snapshot to display what one canonical error can look like to your website visitor. canonical error as seen Jan 19 2016 canonical error as seen Jan 19 2016

    Some browsers are set to show every URL without the www which may make it difficult to be sure of what the URL you are visiting actually is. Try selecting the URL in the address bar and pasting it into a Notepad or Word doc to be certain. When you paste it, the entire URL will show. If canonicalization is not set correctly, one or more of your URL versions will not load. Some website hosts allow a web designer to allow both www and non www versions of your website to load. For SEO purposes, you always want only one URL version to load. This way, all Google love will be directed to one website address instead of being split into two. Your canonical related questions are welcomed below.

  2. Google My Business Profile and Map Maker
    An edited infographic of Google My Business courtesy of

    An edited info-graphic of Google My Business courtesy of

    Is Google Plus and related business pages just for social media fun? How does your Google profile affect your digital footprint? Your Google My Business and Bing Places profile have a huge impact on your SEO. The most common mistakes I see are multiple Google and Bing account pages, addresses on profiles not having an exact match with the website contact information, un-verifyed profiles, wrong categories and uncompleted or unoptimized profiles. Search engine profile pages, linked to your website, are the equivalent to your front door to your bricks and mortar business. They are the virtual display window to your virtual real estate. These are free profiles that will send prospects to you. Setting up My Business pages is not always simple. Actually, it never is! I often speak to Google directly via telephone contact just to make sure the correct set up is used.

  3. Bing and Yahoo! I am a self confessed Google evangelist. Sometimes I don’t give Bing and Yahoo credit. While most of website organic traffic comes from Google, Bing and Yahoo still have a part to play in SEO.With First Page Solutions, your search engine reports include complete ranking reports on all three major search engines. Analysis of how you’re ranking on all three sometimes uncovers steps thatYelp be taken that will also help in Google ranking. The types of reports available are:
    a colour coded list of reports available

    PDF reports are exttensive and available weekly or monthly.

      Optimization Reports

    1. Top 10 Optimizer Report
    2. Readability Checker Report
    3. Website Audit Report
      Competitive Intelligence Reports

    1. Google AdWords Profiler Report
    2. Google Ranking Profiler Report
    3. Link Profiler Report
      Result Tracking Report

    1. Ranking Monitor Report
    2. Social Media Report
    3. Website Analytic Report
      Keyword Research Reports

    1. Keyword Suggestion Tool
    2. Keyword Difficulty
      Backlink Reports

    1. Link Profiler Report
    2. Managed Backlink Report
    3. Hub Finder Report
  4. Yelp! I said yelp soldier! Please claim your Yelp profile. I call this a money directory. At First Page Solutions we ensure all our customers get Yelped and then some!
  5. Trip Advisor, yeah, what I said about Yelp. Another money directory!

    a trip advisor logo and review iimage

    We always help set up trip advisor if applicable.

  6. YouTube. I know it is somewhat of a scary proposition. Don’t let it be. Whether you pay thousands or use a 39 second iPhone video take, create something to upload. Once the video is uploaded, YouTube settings have so many areas that can aid your local SEO efforts. And who knows, it may go viral! I recently saw a Dragons Den contestant who had a beard trimming system make $80 000 in one month after their 40 second clip went viral!
  7. Moving business and not updating online directories.
    If you find a bigger and better location to move your business, please update your online business citations also. If you change your address on your website, google your old address and update all the directories that you see with the old address. If you find it is taking too long and it is too confusing, please call us, that is a part of SEO that we specialize in!
  8. Check online Reviews.
    Do you have a rat in your ceiling? If you have something wrong with your service or products, FIX IT. Recently my family and I booked a cottabe on Salt Spring Island. The resort did not have any reviews. The owners were great to talk to on the phone and the pictures looked ok. But there were no reviews. I think they must have deleted them. The cabins were not as advertised and in our ceiling ….there was a rat. It was real bad on the last night we were there. The electrical cords above our bed were being gnawed on and dropped then the beast began to rapidly claw at the drywall directly above our bed. I mentioned the issue rather politely to our host (whom was very helpful with providing fishing poles and any information that we needed) but he did not apologize and I didn’t get the feeling he was interested in fixing the problem at all! If you get bad reviews, find out what to do to get good reviews and put the effort into make sure online searches show good reviews from real satisfied customers.
  9. Change of Business Name – Update business citations
    One of our recent clients called me six months after they changed their business name to get SEO help. After I completed $300 worth of work, her website rocketed from page 4 up to page 1 on Google! I can’t promise that kind of results all the time but it sure had quick results for her Day Spa! Find our maintenance package on our SEO rates page if you need help.
  10. Unit and Suite #’s – Do you write your address the same way all the time? If not it is time to start. Citations on line are important. Unit 2 1400 Wonder Way is different from 2 1400 Wonder Way or #2 1400 Wonder Way or 1400, Unit#2 Wonder Way. I complete addresses with only the actual digit in the address and keep out any characters that are not necessary. If you are unsure Google some of your neighboring business or other businesses that are #1 on Google and see how their addresses are formatted in Google My Business listings.