Build a new Kelowna website! 4 easy steps and 20 hours of work.

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Building an new website in Kelowna? I would love to help! Lets connect after the following is prepared. I am setting up new projects at $50 per hour. How many hours does it take to build a website? It takes 20 to 100 hours depending on the content and design enhancements. If the following is … Digital Marketing Information

What is WEB 3.0?

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I was wondering about “Web 3.0” details and looked it up. Essentially, First Page Solutions already fully supports Web 3.0. To make this clear and simple, let’s take a small history lesson: Web 1.0: Standard sizes, visible only on desktops and laptops walls of text (plain language, like a text book or a university paper) … Digital Marketing Information

Digital Marketing Consultant

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Digital Marketing Consultant Digital Marketing Consultant – Part Time or Full Time We invite you to join our Kelowna SEO Team as a Digital Marketing Consultant. Set your career on fire with an innovative, challenging, and rewarding company, First Page Solutions. We are people with positive attitudes. If you’re ready to launch your digital marketing … Digital Marketing Information

Half Finished Web Design Pages

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Greetings from the Designer. While it is important to focus on even the smaller details on a site, making sure that every task is done is just as important when developing a website if not more. You may not believe it but it is common for websites to be ‘”half-developed” or not entirely finished. The … Digital Marketing Information

Kelowna Website Workshop

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Kelowna Website Workshops are here! We are now offering website workshops the third Wednesday of every month. Enjoy personalized website training and SEO advice with one of our programmers and SEO experts. Come prepared to see your website the way Google sees it and improve areas in which will help with both your website design, … Digital Marketing Information

Every Detail Counts

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Happy Holidays from The Designer. We are getting close to finishing our website with just a couple more pages and minor tweaks which need to be done. I am currently working with our SEO Rates page, trying to develop the structure, layout and design of it before the week’s end. When it comes to developing … Digital Marketing Information