First Page Solutions, TOAST is your trusted digital marketing solution for small business.

Your digital footprint and website in terms of SEO and defining the best course of action to keep your website updated and secure can be resolved with TOAST and it is the right solution for your business.

TOAST, a new website maintenance and SEO package solution is an acronym for:


We train you how to help us update your blog and get Google’s attention with new content.


Search Engine Optimization is not a one time fix. New content always needs to be optimized, site speed has to be maintained and improved and many other areas of what we call the ‘backend’ of the website are in continual need of updates due to changing technologies. Off the website, we create backlinks (links to your website from other websites) and mentions of your brand in many areas of the internet to beat your competition in your key internet markets.


Our goal is to make and keep your website accessible so no person is blocked from using it. It is a little known fact that only a very small portion of websites, world wide, are accessible for people who have different needs in accessing website information.


for small business websites, security is often neglected. After a website is published and the digital marketing company moves on to other projects, updates to your website may not be scheduled and therefore, no-body is monitoring things like up-time, fake traffic and automated hacking attempts. With our TOAST package, it is taken care of to the best of our ability we have an excellent track record.


Theme based websites in WordPress allow us to provide business owners with many options to make changes to their websites and create blog posts without having to learn website code. This fact allows us to train you and empower you to take care of many updates quickly and efficiently and save money! A theme based website also enables you to have advanced features at very low costs, specially when compared to hiring a programmer for the same solution.

We will help you understand what items may be needed in Kelowna for digital marketing. For example, Yellow Pages, Infotel, Yelp, Facebook, City of Kelowna business license etc.

We are offering TOAST to small and medium sized businesses with a setup fee of only $497 – $997 (this includes the creation /
redesign of a typical small business website and integration of Google Analytics, Search Console, Google My Business and your existing social media pages) and 12 future payments of $100, $249 or $750 per month. ( SEO, like website security, requires regular activity, review and follow up of various backlinking tasks. With a monthly fee, we can accomplish all the above and take care of your regular content updates. If your content updates are significant, then we reduce the amount of other SEO work we would normally complete.


Examples of what type of On-Site SEO work we complete over the 12 month period, can be seen in these articles:
Mobile Setup
A 40 point website checkup task list.