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First Page Solutions is the the Optimal Choice when it comes to choosing a Kelowna SEO company for managing your internet marketing solutions.

With our unique approach to Digital Marketing, and our extensive expertise in SEO work, you’ll discover just how successful your business can be!

SEO – Makes Your Website Work for You!

Here’s a few tips on two essential SEO aspects:

Phone Calls

A key performance indicator for local SEO effectiveness are phone calls. We believe that the number of phone calls your business receives, is a reflection of our SEO Approach.

The reason telephone calls to your business increase when your local SEO is set up and monitored, is because optimized websites get listed in the business listings (local three pack). That puts them on the first page of Google, making it very easy for mobile users to click the call button.

Organic SEO

Organic SEO, is a long term digital marketing campaign that will benefit your company by:

Getting more traffic
Finding better sales leads
Obtaining you a higher rate of return on your investment

These features will continue to produce results long after the campaign has ended.

While a successful long term SEO campaign can be set up with affordable monthly SEO services, your business may need new prospects and customers immediately.

If so, Google AdWords and Facebook ads can be an effective solution.


Recently we built a sales funnel for a client who needed real estate leads. In the sales funnel, we recorded leads that came in from FaceBook ads and Google AdWords where the client paid each time the ad was clicked. This is also called Cost per Click internet marketing.

Our client received over 34 new leads in less than a month, and listed several homes from those leads!

While leads can be purchased through this type of funnel, the organic SEO will improve over time and will reduce the need to pay for internet leads.

First Page Solutions is a Local SEO Company, that has provided reliable, trustworthy services for over three years. The Founder, Clayton Kessler, has been working with digital marketing for more than 10 years. He has built dozens of websites, and has brought hundreds of clients up to First Page rankings on Google. Resulting in millions of new page views.

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