6 Tasks to Complete today for a First Page Ranking on Google. No Programmer Required!


Does your website have backlinks? Do they carry a high LIS (Link Influence Score)? Some SEO packages will include backlinks that are in little to no relation to your actually business. This is a big problem when it comes to figuring out where to rank you. Search Engines value some backlinks higher than others.


What does google like more than it’s own apps? Answer: Nothing. So many business go without optimizing their GMB (Google My Business) profile, and it can effect your ranking, especially when it comes to local rankings. Which are often considered most important.

Meta Descriptions

Meta Descriptions. The first opportunity you have as a company to describe what you’re about. They show up below the Title Tag on Search Engines. It is very important that they are optimized and contain your keywords and an important call to action.

NAP Errors

NAP, or Name, Address, and Phone Number, is a common SEO term and may be referred to as citations. When you have conflicting information on a number of different sites, Search Engines get confused, and they won’t rank you as high. This is usually why a business will drop in ranking after they move to a new location.

Duplicate Content

It’s an old SEO saying that “Content is King”, and while Search Engines have evolved over the years, this saying still rings true. However, most people fail to realize that if you have content that is the same on all your pages, Search engines look at that as a big no-no.

Title Tags

Title Tags, are one of the first things a user sees when he or she searches for terms relative to your website. It is important that the first thing a potential customer sees is something well written and optimized. You know the old saying… First Impressions are important!

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