Why you should NOT get a website audit, until you do this:

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What is a website audit? I usually call it an SEO audit because whether you want to improve your website user experience or its technical performance, like page load speed, your search engine optimization (SEO) will be improved. A website audit will identify what is keeping your website from reaching the first page on Google. … Digital Marketing Information

New Business Owners: You need to know this.

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I often get asked how to rank by people in person at Chamber meetings etc or from email inquiries from the website. Here is what I tell them: Thank you for contacting First Page Solutions! While a custom website created for you would be beneficial, you have most of the elements that would be helpful … Digital Marketing Information

How to add an SEO or digital marketing professional to your Google Account

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In addition to the website host login and content login, digital marketers need to be added to a few of your Google services. It is really easy to do. Alternatively you can provide the Google account login info and they can add themselves to your Google accounts as managers but remember that even though your … Digital Marketing Information

Local SEO in Kelowna

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Today I am doing a digital footprint review for Norman at NLAi Immigration Services. Norman is a Kelowna immigration consultant and is on first page for the keyword immigration consultant and he ranks really well in local SEO for immigration services. However, he doesn’t always come up in the 3-Pack with other local Kelowna immigration … Digital Marketing Information

Kelowna SEO Company

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Kelowna SEO Company First Page Solutions is the the Optimal Choice when it comes to choosing a Kelowna SEO company for managing your internet marketing solutions. With our unique approach to Digital Marketing, and our extensive expertise in SEO work, you’ll discover just how successful your business can be! SEO – Makes Your Website Work … Digital Marketing Information

6 SEO Tasks to Complete today for a First Page Ranking on Google. No Programmer Required!

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6 Tasks to Complete today for a First Page Ranking on Google. No Programmer Required! Backlinks Does your website have backlinks? Do they carry a high LIS (Link Influence Score)? Some SEO packages will include backlinks that are in little to no relation to your actually business. This is a big problem when it comes … Digital Marketing Information

The Google Algorithm and SEO

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The Google Algorithm and SEO “Google Algorithm is always changing so you need to keep abreast of its changes.” said an SEO professional to a prospect. A customer of mine asked, “What do I need to fix on my website to rank well? Kelowna Search Engine Optimization companies I spoke to recently, talk about the … Digital Marketing Information

SEO Priority: Content or Backlinks?

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SEO Priority: Content or Backlinks? If you have a website that is supposed to deliver new leads, phone calls and emails but you’re not getting the performance or ROI that you need, you have two SEO priorities to consider. 2 Top SEO priorities are: New and/or optimized content for your website A backlink campaign that … Digital Marketing Information


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Google Analytics and SEO Tailoring analytics to your business needs is a proven way to enhance ROI from marketing and IT investments. Developing well-stewarded web analytics properties tends to enable a number of important new business realities, including: Greatly enhanced visitor, lead and customer attribution data Powerful data integration opportunities Conversion rate optimization User experience … Digital Marketing Information

SEO for Lawyers

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SEO for lawyers is what I typically classify as ‘local SEO’. Lawyers who are partners in a firm can help their local law firm’s SEO and their individual online recognition with an individual Google My Business profile. Google states: Multiple practitioners at one location If the practitioner is one of several public-facing practitioners at this … Digital Marketing Information