Google oAuth2.0


While working with our clients tasks, I’ve come across Google’s authentication and their implementation to oAuth2.0. This highly ranked authentication and authorization security is very well implemented into Google’s system and Google’s developer site.

This software is highly compatible with server to server communication and Google provides their services to be the “middle man” for your communication and security needs.

Here at First Page Solutions, we’re currently working with Google developers to enhance the experience of having Google Drive in your website! If you really dislike logging into Google drive to do all your work, download and upload to your site. We’re working on the solution. Why not work on your drive files inside your website for your website!

The possibilities are endless and if your someone who’s interested in security or would like to develop with Google Drive, try out looking at and see what you can do with your spare time.

Know someone that creates their own security and takes the long way around? Do you know anyone that struggles because their site might not be “safe” to do server to server communication? Maybe you know someone who would like a cloud of information… Just for their servers?
It’s almost Christmas and Google developers has all those questions answered in their own way. Connect with Google and see how much it would cost to help out those people who really would like to do what they want to do but, much faster and more reliably.

Have a great Christmas everyone! Make sure to not keep knowledge to yourself, share it with those who will listen!