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Kelowna SEO Workshop
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First Page Solutions are helping Kelowna businesses by teaching Search Engine Optimization at a price that cannot be beat! Register now and receive our free Digital Footprint Review for free.

Why get a digital footprint review?
Whether your company is large or small, a short SEO Workshop with a trained SEO expert will take about 15 minutes to one half of an hour and allow you to understand major items that are holding your ranking back in comparison to your competitors.

Location: Cream N’ Bean Coffee House – corner of Rutland Rd. & Leathead Rd


Kelowna SEO & digital marketing expert Clay Kessler will be at the Cream N’ Bean to provide direct website marketing advice for you. Bring your laptop and enjoy a cup of coffee while we review your website and digital marketing footprint online. Leave with a digital marketing playbook that will bring new leads!

Answers to Your Questions

What is an SEO expert?

Like any expert, to be one requires making mistakes. An SEO expert should have at least 5 years of experience and a portfolio of SEO campaigns. With that in mind, the portfolio should have evidence of success in ranking websites that are similar to your own. Please contact us so we can share live samples of SEO in action. A phone call or Skype call will work great for this meeting. 

What is an SEO score?

SEO scores are communicated within various SEO reporting software packages. SEO software can record dozens of related measurements and the aggregate amount will equal your SEO score. 

Do Google Ads affect SEO?

Google Ads which are paid for by the click or by impressions do not affect SEO. Professional Google Ads managers will need to create content on the advertised website and in doing so can either harm your SEO or improve it.

Is SEO important for small business?

Search Engine Optimizatioin is important to small business for branding and acquiring new leads. Buyer beware though! SEO is a long term process and can be a huge sink hole for your marketing dollars. The best method is a long term approach while building brand mentions and website user experience over time. As the campaign begins, it will be important to have specific goals. Your action plan can be determined by an audit or a digital footprint review.

What is an SEO campaign?

An SEO campaign is a digital marketing plan, birthed from extensive digital marketing research and experience, customized to meet your business objectives. Two key components of an SEO campaign are website user experience and backlinks. Backlinks must be organic and earned. Earned backlinks come from great content and an awesome user experience. Every SEO campaign has KPI’s. These key performance indicators are recorded monthly and will determine the SEO campaign success over time.