First Page Solutions is hosting a weekly SEO workshop from at Valley First Credit Union 110 BC-33 #101 Kelowna, BC. We look through websites internals and let you know what is missing. We’ll find information that allows your website grow in Google, Yahoo and Bing! Understanding what Google has to offer gives us the chance to ensure that your website reaches the top of the list.

First Page Solutions focuses on local businesses to help expand their knowledge in getting the most clicks out of the little changes. Google has increased and expanded their horizons to better predict reasonable, valid and informational websites. Our job is to let you know about these changes and assist you in making sure that your business can grow.

The workshop goes over the important details like:

  • Google and Bing webmasters. XML and breadcrumbs for your site
  • Siloing your information into an automation’s goldmine
  • Making sure your information is correct. Across the Internet.
  • Blogging is really good. Google, Bing and Yahoo love information that’s constantly being produced.
  • Advertisements work… But, not as well as a user friendly website! We use Google’s heat map process to determine what’s best for our clients.
  • Over Optimization is a bad thing. Don’t throw your money away recklessly.
  • There are tools out there to help you! and Google data structure testing!