Kelowna Vehicle Wraps and Decals

Kelowna Vehicle wrap and decal gallery to help business owners decide on their vehicle design. View all by scrolling or select a tag to view Cars, Pickups or Vans separately.

Why did I take  pictures of business decals and wraps in Kelowna? Good question! It was a bit weird. One guy chased me down because the only time people took pictures of his vehicle was after they smashed it. The truth is, I have a four door F150 pickup and want to add our new logo and a bit of information about what we do at First Page to the vehicle. So, I began getting shots of vehicle wraps wherever I parked. Since I had all that data in the form of images for myself, I decided to share it with other business owners and designers with the hopes that this page can help you with automotive wrap design as well. Please let me know if it does in the comment section below.

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