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So. What EXACTLY Do we do here at First Page Solutions?

Sometimes as marketers, we get excited when we talk about Digital Marketing! We have so many ideas about how to enhance your business, that our excitement can override our vernacular, and we can start using terms that could be considered “confusing” or “ambiguous” to somebody who isn’t in the industry.

I’m personally guilty of doing this. I really love what I do, and when I get talking about your business and all we can accomplish, these terms just sort of…slip out.

Here are some terms you’ve probably heard from other SEO experts.

SEO, SEM, UX Optimization, Keywords, Digital Marketing, Accessibility, PPC

But what do these mean? They sound important, but do they really Carry any weight? Or is it just marketing fluff?

Well here’s the skinny: Yes. They are all VERY important! 

Below I hope to give you a very simple breakdown of what each of these terms mean.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is a digital marketing campaign that will result in professional branding on Google and higher ranking for related keywords. A Local SEO campaign will provide Google My Business listings and map listings in a unique way for one or more store locations.

SEO is a term that is used to encompass almost everything we do to help your website appear higher on Google.

A good rule of thumb is to know that SEO is writing engaging content on your website and doing it so well that other websites in your industry will link to you because view you as an expert.

Social Media Management

Managing your social media can be difficult – especially when you don’t know where to begin! Is engagement more important than views? Should we pay for Facebook ads or is boosting a post better? 

Audience Analytics

Get new leads by phone and email and on demand reporting so you always know what is working. Our digital marketing system helps small businesses grow big.

Web Accessibility

Website accessibility is rare. When your website is accessible,  nobody is excluded from using it. Yes, people who cannot see will be able to use your website! That is 500 000 Canadians!

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing – Everything that is not Physical Marketing. Your Website, your SEO, your social media, your branding, your logo. Basically anything that is Digital and you can’t touch.


Search Engine Marketing. In short, it means the management of all paid advertising (Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, etc.)

Keyword Research

Keywords – The most searched-for words that have to do with your business and niche. “Digital Marketing” and “SEO” are two of our Keywords, here at First Page Solutions.


PPC or CPC – Pay-per-click and Cost-per-click, is a fancy way of saying “We do Google Adwords and Facebook Paid Advertising”. It also differentiates from the first form of internet marketing which was cost per thousand of banner ad views. 

User Experience

User experience is of primary importance for lead generation and SEO. Page load speed is crucial for UX as is your website structure. How is your website user experience? Everyone who applies to use our digital marketing system will receive a video audit which shows the good, bad and ugly of your UX.

Team Training

Achieving first page results that results in website leads is accomplished with regular ongoing website updates and off site SEO. Reviewing results and making improvements based on the data is an ongoing task and we teach your staff how they can help.

Web Development

Our programming team is fully qualified and experienced in developing digital marketing needs. Schema is a comprehensive resource  we use on every website to communicate your message effectively to search engines.

Website Security

Did you know that DIY hacker kits are available to junior hackers who want to practice on your website? With 1/2 the world’s’ websites running on a WordPress installation, there is a good chance your website has security risks. Apply to use our system today and see if your website is at risk in your free video audit!

We’ll Show You How It’s Done

Our short application form helps match our skills to your needs. We create a custom video for every applicant that will show where your digital marketing can be improved and how you can optimize your internet marketing and search engine ranking.

Apply Now and we will create your SEO video audit. Our video review of your website and it’s internet marketing footprint will provide you with insight and can become your SEO playbook for the next year!

Success Stories

I Just had to say Thank You!

We’ve never had so many boat rentals. We had to hire a new staff member to help with the work!

Ryan Zazelenchuck

Kelowna Boat Rentals, Kelowna

Clay and team are easy to work with, understand client needs and get the work done quickly and properly. Thank you Clay!

Lisa Wise

Starfish Strategies, Calgary

Clayton redesigned our dental website and I am happy with the finished product. Clayton and his team were responsive to our requests, finished the project in a timely manner and made practical suggestions. I would recommend Clayton and his team for web design and SEO!

Katherin Kim

Mission Creek Dental, Kelowna

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