Digital Marketing Consultant

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Digital Marketing Consultant – Part Time or Full Time

We invite you to join our Kelowna SEO Team as a Digital Marketing Consultant. Set your career on fire with an innovative, challenging, and rewarding company, First Page Solutions. We are people with positive attitudes. If you’re ready to launch your digital marketing career with an established Kelowna SEO company, email your resume today!

First Page grows client visibility through digital marketing solutions for local businesses. We provide local and creative multi-media advertising and search engine optimization that increases businesses online presence and digital footprint with SEO, PPC,, backlink campaigns, Social Networking, eBooks, podcasts, online listings and more.

Our Digital Marketing Consultant is someone who is self-motivated, engaging, articulate and ambitious.
Successful candidates must possess the following:
Closing Skills
Motivation for Sales
Prospecting Skills
Sales Planning
Selling to Customer Needs
Presentation Skills
Ability to meet sales goals
Experience with building a website or website design and sales in digital marketing based services is a plus!
Expected to achieve revenue goals by developing new accounts, maintaining awareness of local competitive conditions and improving market share
Effectively conduct needs analysis and recommend SEO and/or website solutions to achieve business goals
Prospect for new clients and secure a minimum of 1 new client per week
Collaborate with team members and management using effective sales techniques to close deals


Knowledge of digital/multimedia platforms
Minimum 1 – 2 years sales experience preferred
Customer relations and communication skills
Self-directed, self-motivated and focused on achieving winning results
A positive attitude


Our target clients are established businesses who are not on the first page of Google or are not high enough on the first page of search engines when their primary keyword phrases are searched. We have found a six month contract of $1000 per month can be very effective in completing all the required SEO work, which could include aa new website, to get them to the first page of Google.