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Okanagan Tour Booker
Okanagan Tour Booker is BC’s first online platform that allows travelers the freedom to book wine tours directly with local travel experts in Okanagan Wine Country.

Okanagan Tour Booker is the BC’s first travel company that specializes in creating exceptional tailor-made tours for its clients.

The business started as the brainchild of two friends in their late twenties who left the corporate world to spend their days working on two things they loved – adventure and travel.

These two friends had spent many years travelling in previous jobs, exploring the hidden gems of British Columbia. Out of these experiences and a growing love for wine culture, the idea for Okanagan Tour Booker was born.

Founded in 2015, Okanagan Tour Booker has grown into a renowned travel brand with +20 staff, offices in Vancouver and Kelowna, BC.

Okanagan Tour Booker
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