Mobile Physiotherapy

New Leaf Physiotherapy
1, 606 Christleton Ave
Kelowna BC
V1Y 5J2
Enjoy Physiotherapy treatments from the comfort of your own home. New Leaf provides a comfortable experience, while saving you time and money.

New Leaf Physiotherapy was founded on the premise of reducing barriers to physiotherapy. Having a physiotherapist come to the place where the client was, eliminated a barrier. It was the barrier of mobility. For example, having to leave work, get to your car, drive to the physiotherapy clinic, find parking, pay for parking, get back to your car, drive back to work and then get back to the office. All of those steps could simply be eliminated for clients. New Leaf Physiotherapy arrives at the office, sets up, assesses, treats and leaves. Not only does it save the employee time but also the employer has less down time with their employee going to a medical appointment.

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