Digital Accessibility Services

Why does digital accessibility matter?

Economic participation in our mobile society increasingly hinges upon access to digital information. If your site or app has not been designed with accessibility in mind, you may inadvertently be excluding individuals with sensory, motor, cognitive or other impairments from accessing your content. If someone cannot access your information, they are unlikely to partake of your services. This is where digital accessibility services come in.
What are digital accessibility services?
Digital accessibility (#a11y) reviews at first Page Solutions consist of both automated and manual testing. By way of example, a11y issues could include intuitive heading structure, image alt tags, valid forms, contextual links, labeled div elements, closed captions, and colour contrast, to name a few. A11y is a mindset and a process so it’s not about pass or fail, it’s about innovating for the mainstream by designing for extremes. That said, our initial focus is on a11y optimization within existing design.

What is the process?

We begin with a preliminary audit using a mix of automated tools. That is followed up with an Accessibility Enhancement Proposal in which we specify the number and nature of issues/errors with a timeline and cost estimate for remediation. We then offer a recorded session of an assistive technology user interacting with your site or app. This provides a real-world baseline of the user experience for comparison with the finished product. Due to the non-visual nature of a11y, we find that quantifying the errors and demonstrating the impact on usability conveys the value of our service in a way that is both impactful and easily understood by technical and non-technical audiences alike.

How long does it take?

From preliminary audit to completion can take from a few weeks to a few months, depending upon the amount of work needed and what you wish to address.

How much does it cost?

We address critical accessibility and usability issues first in order to maximize your return on investment. All fees are agreed upon in advance and your satisfaction is our success. Please contact us today to arrange your free one hour consultation.

Accessible web design is the right thing to do and can be a key component of your digital marketing plan for years to come. In terms of ROI, accessible design aides organic search engine optimization by allowing search bots to understand your website better and increase your traffic.
First Page is striving to be one of the best SEO companies in Canada – not just by helping businesses acquire first page search engine ranking. Each success we achieve as a team results in a more accessible web and more freedom for Canadians with accessibility barriers. Often we, as individuals relate to how we interact with certain websites, never considering that in British Columbia alone, more than 14% of the population has a disability and 80% of people with disabilities use assistive technology such as voice recognition, text to speech, or switch control software. The ability of assistive technology users to effectively use websites and apps depends almost entirely upon accessible design.
At First Page we believe that as SEO experts, who specialize in SEO and Accessibility audits providing Digital Marketing Playbooks allowing websites to gain first page rankings on search engines, and meet accessibility legislation that is on the horizon. When you partner with First Page Solutions, we will:
  1. Succeed together

    We’re all interconnected. When we build quality websites, we can inspire other web designers to design websites that can be accessed by all Canadians. We work through change with our clients together. We learn, we share and we improve websites-always working to unleash our potential. We know that great things can be accomplished when exceptional people strive together to achieve seemingly impossible goals. At First Page Solutions, succeeding together is at the heart of our client / SEO and Accessibility provider relationships.

  2. Act local

    We’re all about home grown success. We have and always will continue to hire and promote employment within our province and at First Page, we want to create and develop websites with long term digital goals, allowing all your clients and your  business to flourish together.

  3. Value all

    Everyone has value simply because of who they are. And no one should be excluded from using your website services.

  4. Create good things

    At First Page, every website project is an opportunity to create something good. Our commitment to make a real difference in people’s lives guides our website development actions and priorities. We believe that a quality website receives traffic because it has earned it and that one day, there will be no barriers to information and services online. At First Page, we dare to imagine and try things that others won’t. Namely, merging Accessibility with SEO!

  5. Make Common-sense decisions

    Every one of us who works at First Page Solutions is a decision-maker and problem-solver. At First Page, we’re all leaders who make decisions to do what makes sense for our clients. This affects websites and our off-line communities for the long term. We call it Holistic SEO.

  6. Inspire exceptional results

    We’re striving to create inclusive, positive digital environments where every Canadian can thrive, regardless of accessible barriers,  We’re dedicated to high performance and delivering exceptional results for our clients and our communities.

As you can see, there is an opportunity for your corporation to model the way and inspire local businesses to embrace the business case for accessible web design. First page Solutions would be pleased to advise your corporation on accessible design and search engine optimization. Our first step is to provide a quote on the cost of a SEO and Accessibility Audit.
The result of the audit will note all the steps required to have accessible websites and ensure that your Off-site and On-site SEO platforms are being addressed and are meeting your corporate goals. After our SEO Audit is delivered, we provide training and consulting from qualified individuals on our team who help integrate the required changes into your unique corporate situation.
We look forward to serving you and enhancing your website visitor experience! Please contact us today to arrange your free one hour consultation.