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Why you should NOT get a website audit, until you do this:

Why you should NOT get a website audit, until you do this:

What is a website audit? I usually call it an SEO audit because whether you want to improve your website user experience or its technical performance, like page load speed, your search engine optimization (SEO) will be improved. A website audit will identify what is keeping your website from reaching the first page on Google. At First Page Solutions getting to first page is not enough, we rate success on getting phone calls as well as excellent search engine positioning.

A website audit or SEO audit should not be acquisitioned until basic website fundamentals are in place. The first of which is website structure. Website structure will allow for a better user experience, automated internal linking and a low bounce rate to name a few benefits. SEO can only be considered as “on track” if your website users are staying on the page and not leaving or bouncing off right away. If your website structure is not a typical design your website user will be confused. On many websites with a less than perfect site structure, the user will not be exactly sure of what the primary services and products are and in some cases they will not know where the company is located or how to find the phone number!

What is the hallmark of a solid website structure and architecture? Breadcrumbs that match the URLs! When the breadcrumbs or links at the top of a webpages content have phrases that match the webpage address or URL, such as this one, then you know that internal linking can be automated and proper keyword phrases will become anchor text.

OK, I am getting a bit technical there so just call me and I will show you how your website can easily have SEO fundamentals built in automatically so that when the time is right and you should get an SEO Audit, the SEO expert will be able to provide useful and actionable steps to take for better Google ranking instead of wasting your time on how to achieve a better website user experience and other basics required for internet marketing!

Build a new Kelowna website! 4 easy steps and 20 hours of work.

Build a new Kelowna website! 4 easy steps and 20 hours of work.

Building an new website in Kelowna? I would love to help! Lets connect after the following is prepared.

I am setting up new projects at $50 per hour. How many hours does it take to build a website? It takes 20 to 100 hours depending on the content and design enhancements.

If the following is completed, depending on how many pages and to what degree we customize the pre-made web designs listed below, it could take as little as 20 hours but if your website has more portfolio items, blog posts, special pages etc, it will take longer. We can also create special web apps, programs, email marketing systems, video and animations.

The 20 hours would include the set up of the host and domain, email and Google My Business. This basic business package will enable your business to have a professional website, get reviews on Google and have a professional email set up that merges with your existing email habits.

The first stage of Search Engine Optimization set-up of many SEO elements on each page of your new website will also help your search engine rankings. Your site does not come with any guarantee of Google search ranking but if new content like portfolios or blog posts are uploaded on regular basis, the site could rank very well. Also, to get good rankings on Google, it requires that links from other websites link to your website. Worried about how you will upload portfolio posts or blogs? You’ll have that taken care of because with our basic website package, we always include training the business owner or staff in how to use the new website!

The best way to begin acquiring back links is to sign up for free listings in local business directories like Yellow Pages and KelownaNow, Yelp etc. You can do those things but First Page Solutions also has the perfect package to provide an effective push for that initial ‘off-site’ optimisation.

Our Off-Site Optimization package, or Local SEO package is an integral part of every new digital marketing campaign and it is included in our monthly website package called TOAST. The Local SEO package can also be purchased individually for $1000 (20 hours of work by First Page Solutions local SEO team.)

Ok, here is step one in building your Kelowna business website.

  1. Choose one of these designs that suits your business vision or a combination of them.
    Choose the page layouts / sections of a page that you like from any of these designs. We can mix and match the pages of each design you like the look of to make one whole website. (These designs showcase the body of the site, we will develop your header which encases your menu items and logo)
  2. Provide the colour selection you want to use by selecting a colour scheme from this website
  3. In an email or several emails with descriptive Subject titles, attach images with file names that describe what the images are and then in the email note the web page you want it on. For example, – stress massage picture for top of the services page.
  4. Review the sample pages that are listed on the sample website layout that you chose. Note that each sample layout includes text that is place holder text or “lorem ipsum” text that has no meaning. For each section place holder text that is shown on each page, email us the text that we should use in your website. We will review your text and help write more content if needed.

    For example your first email for text instructions could include instruction such as:
    Home page
    Section One:Title: bakers dozen – Sub title: schones muffins and cupcakes – content: bakery, coffe shop and applie pie. An American dream ….
    Section Two: – you get the idea

    Just write the most descriptive text you can and as much as you can. Brevity is not the goal. More text will help search engines understand the who what when where and why of your business more effectively.

    Finally, a local address is crucial to ranking. (It is the only way to effectively get into Google My Business)
    You can create a unique address from a street address or home address. For example, if your home address is 1500 Kalmalka Lake Rd, you can create a new business address such as 101 1500 Kalmalka Lake Rd.

    Email the First Page Solutions with you data from above or your questions to

It helps Google if there’s a clear structure on a page.

It helps Google if there’s a clear structure on a page.

Webmaster trends analyst at Google, John Mueller, tweeted a reply to a question in regards to page structure.

It helps Google if there’s a clear structure on a page, with headings & content, but we’re not going to count it against a site if they improvise / get it wrong. That said, a clear semantic structure of a page can also make sense outside of search.

john mueller tweet on page structure

I replied and went a bit further. Here are my thoughts.

Proper page structure provides a higher level of accessibility. Proper site structure provides more efficient ways of internal linking and a great user experience. Doing either page structure or site structure wrong, will not result in a penalty. It is just the right thing to do. Imagine an internet where the blind could navigate as fast as the sighted. I hope Google will address accessibility just like page load speed. 🙂 Most reading this comment will not have a clue of what it’s like for people who are blind to read a web page. When you understand what that is like, you will then have more understanding of why accessibility (ie:proper page structure) makes for better SEO and you would, just do it.

Facebook Pixel Setup

Facebook Pixel Setup

I see Facebook marketers who are new in conversion tracking, set up tracking real conversions incorrectly. Tracking real conversions takes more work than calling a specific web page view, a conversion, and tracking it. Tracking how many times a page is visited is simple and can be accomplished in Google Analytics. In Facebook Ad Manager, you would not require Conversion tracking for that type of campaign. Yes, you can set up FB to call that a conversion but, in my opinion, it is a waste of everyone’s time.

Here are some basic website details to help understand what this pixel thing is all about and how it works in WordPress and how conversions work in conjunction with Facebook.

The next few paragraphs are simple but please be sure to understand what each is saying and if you don’t, please ask.


The <Head> section of a website is not referring to what you call the ‘header’ section that contains the menu and logo of a website. The <Head> section contains code that is not only for a specific page but also can be for the entire website. (we are not talking about the menu)

A HTML based website provides the developer with complete control of every section of a website. Therefore, the developer has control of what code can be in a header for every page and the header can be customized.

A WordPress based website provides you with complete control of the content on every page but the <Head> section is not really part of the content, it is more ‘instruction’ for the program that is viewing the webpage. The individual <Head> section of a WordPress website page is limited and with most WordPress themes, is nil.

This is significant because the FB instruction (step 3) of (depending on the type of conversion you request) instructs the developer to put code into the <Head> for the specific page that you want to track, while step one instructs the developer to add the base code to the <head> section for every page.

Since step three instructs the code to be added to the Head for an individual page, you will have to recreate your ad and adjust your goal. If your goal is simply to track the visits to a webpage, a ‘Standard Event’ has to be used and to complete the Facebook tracking, you simply add the website page URL to the Facebook Ad.
See this resource:

A website conversion is when a desired result is complete. The most effective conversion to track is a purchase or sign up. If you are tracking a sign up or purchase, you can get the URL of the thank you page (even if that url is on a different website) and input it into the FB ad configuration as noted on this page:

Some Facebook ads use the pixel and other ad types do not. If all you want is traffic to a page, the pixel is not necessary. The FB ad configuration settings for most ad types will ask for it but if it is not set up, the pixel really does not matter if your goal is traffic. However, it is best practice to choose the proper type of Facebook ad or possibly reconfigure an existing ad so it will not ask for the pixel.

Tracking how many visits a web page has is automatic in Google Analytics. Therefore, setting up ‘conversion’ in Facebook is a bit useless if it is only tracking whether the page was visited. If the only goal for a FB ad is to send people to a page, you can record the # of clicks as recorded in Facebook and double check that number with Google Analytics to see if both match for confirming the ad is working. There will be a discrepancy because Facebook clicks do not always load the website page. But that is another story.