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Our Passion is your success! We work to help your website get on First Page of Google.


We will build a killer website with a focus on 1) User experience 2) powerful SEO 3) Call to Action. We build and service your website so it creates clients!

Kelowna SEO

SEO is search engine optimization which means we optimize how your website works and ensure that it can be measured by Google’s recommendations as a “Quality Website”. Google has released a 160 page document that describes what a quality website is and follow it!

Kelowna SEO News

Black Hat SEO Vs White Hat SEO

Greetings From The Designer. It has been at least a few months since my last SEO post and my initial experience with it. I can easily say that from the first steps into SEO I have learned quite a lot since. While I am working with our company’s design tasks I do also work on SEO tasks from time to time. I have been looking into SEO implementation, specifically how Read More

Structured Data for Local Business

Lead developer of First Page Solutions here, glad to show some information on and what information we should be placing on websites. I’ll also say how and where to place the schema information. Schema is quite organized and not very user friendly at the moment but, when you know how to use it. It’s a useful structured resource for letting bots and search engines know information that they are Read More

Google SEO Worksheets

Welcome to First Page free SEO downloads! Worksheets that will help you understand and enrich your SEO efforts! Get the SEO Periodic Table, Loal SEO Checklist and a powerful “How To” for On the Page SEO – The password was provided at a recent Kelowna SEO Workshop. I will also send the password to you if you contact First Page. With a Google account you can give reviews and with a Google Read More

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